How To Choose and Apply The Right Fragrance

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How To Choose and Apply The Right Fragrance

Ferfume is an important accessory that adds a final touch to your personal presentation. Before you can choose a fragrance you need to know the basics.

Fragrance plays an integral part within our lives. A good fragrance is equally as important as good clothes or jewelry. Everyone has his or her own natural scent. It’s never easy to pick a fragrance; whether it is for yourself. There are so many things to consider before you decide to spend money on a good fragrance. Not every fragrance are suitable for you though you like its fragrance. Anyway fragrance is really a significant investment which deserves your concern. It really is a very personal thing and we hardly pay attention to its importance.

Everyone desires to smell nice but every scent is simply not made for everyone. The fragrance that smells good on another person may not smell good on you. Put on a few samples and decide by its fragrance in accordance to their own taste. We provide you with some of the things that you should keep in mind while choosing the right fragrance, aside from your budget of course. Here comes the requirement for choosing fragrance which fits you the best.

Think of All The Scents That You Want

To begin with, think of fragrances that excite you or make you happy. Things like the odor of freshly cut grass, a specific flower, clean laundry, the scent of rain on dry earth, etc. The entire point of this exercise is to locate a scent that you like and then try to look for a fragrance that has similar notes.

Consider Venue

It’s a good idea to think about where you are going when you’re selecting a fragrance to wear. When dressing for work, for example, you might consider wearing a fragrance that’s light and clean. Heavy scents can overpower you in close quarters and might bother someone who sits alongside you. Crisp, fruity and lightweight floral scents are good selections for work, school and other enclosed venues, while bold oriental fragrance and musky fragrances can shine at outdoor parties and formal evening events.

Think About Your Skin Type

It is important that you think about your skin while choosing a fragrance on your own. If you have dry skin, then the fragrance will dissipate faster. Also, you can opt for a highly concentrated fragrance. The former can last longer if you have dry skin.

Element in Her Interests

If your lady looks forward to gallery openings and seeing a varied musical act, fragrances which are unique and spicy, as an intense oriental, are good choices. For that outgoing gal who loves shopping, parties and rock concerts, you cannot go wrong with a bright, fruity scent, like a sweet raspberry. If the woman in your lifetime is mature and nurturing and loves your kitchen and a good book, consider soft floral and food-scented fragrance, for example lavender and vanilla.

Don’t Try Too Many Fragrance at Once

If you try smelling too many fragrance one by one, then you will soon not be able to differentiate between them. You can ask the representative at the shop for some coffee beans. Most good stores may have them. Smell the espresso beans while you move from smelling one fragrance to another.

Think About Age

Teens and young women can appreciate a fragrance crafted by their most favorite female celebrity or pop star. The trendsetter in her own 30s will gravitate to contemporary fragrances produced by popular designers, while the mature woman may favor classic fragrances that may become her signature scent.

Choose Right Fragrance

Choose Right Fragrance

How You Can Apply

  • Spray or dab the fragrance to a couple of your pulse points, though some women favour the rear of the knees, crease of the elbows or their cleavage.
  • Don’t rub wrists together afterwards because this flattens the scent.
  • Spray just a little into the air and enter it to diffuse the scent all over you.
  • If you’re wearing fragrance, do not use scented body lotions/toners/moisturizers, because the end result will be confusing. Use unscented products instead.
  • Keep fragrance from heat and direct sunlight and ensure the lid is on firmly to help keep it at its best.

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