The Best Floral Perfume

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The Best Floral Perfume

As anyone who loves the smell of flowers knows, finding the perfect floral perfume is not easy.

Floral perfumes are considered the best perfumes all over the world. Actually the history of perfumes say that floral perfumes are the initial perfume category of the world and thus popular also.

Floral scents add some perfect finishing touch to any feminine look. Floral perfumes suit a summer wardrobe and easily fit in well with casual lunch dates along with other day time events. While floral scents never used to take center stage, designers took on the smells of nature to create floral-inspired perfumes.

Floral perfumes represent the essence of affection and romance. Floral perfumes are further sub split into different categories like floral green, floral fruity etc. Thus, know of the best floral perfumes in the world that will help you choosing the proper one for your sweet heart.

Chanel No. 5

Chanel No. 5 is and it has been the top-selling women’s fragrance around the world. Chanel proclaimed herself this perfume was “a woman’s fragrance that smells like woman.” The raw fragrances that comprise this perfume are likely to be responsible for the truly amazing success. With rose, jasmine, sandalwood and ylang swimming around in Chanel No. 5, it’s managed to keep its allure, with record statistics of the bottle being sold every 55 seconds round the world.

Paul Smith Rose

The rose is the best smelling flower from the world. Thus, no doubt floral perfume with rose scent stands in number 1 position. The Paul Smith Rose perfume comes with a mixture of different scents like Turkish rose oil, green tea along with light sparkling odor of magnolia and violet flowers. The perfume receives its further structure and depth with fine touch of cedar. The perfume could be called as one of the most memorable one.

YSL Elle Fragrance

It’s a floral perfume that includes strong woody scents, and peony and pink berry fragrances. It had been designed by world renowned perfumers Oliver Cresp and Jaques Cavallier. The creators sought to intensify the fragrance with the addition of pink pepper.

Korres Jasmine

This is not, from a technical perspective, a perfume and only comes in lotions and shower gels. The lotion, however, is really fragrant that it functions well as a perfume, and everybody keep hoping Korres will eventually allow it to be in perfume form.

Best Floral Perfume

Best Floral Perfume

Woods Of Windsor True Rose

Once more, rose has occupied the second devote best floral perfumes. This delicate and funky fresh pink rose perfume offers the fragrance lovers with exotic and calming smell. The bottom of the fragrance comes in sensual aromatic woods, musks, regal iris.


This excellent fragrance comes in a beautiful bottle, so if you feel a romantic like me, a beautiful perfume bottle is really a strong selling point. This multi-note fragrance smells primarily like honeysuckle then fades to a gardenia and jasmine blend.

Nina Ricci Farouche

It’s always had various flowery scents for example bergamot, madarin, rose, cardamon, iris and lily. Farouche also has slight fruity and woody hints with peach, oak moss and sandalwood within the mix. These fragrances create a daytime scent.

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