Top 10 Most Popular Dior Perfumes For Women

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Top 10 Most Popular Dior Perfumes For Women

Perfumes found within this list are suitable to put on on all occasions. Not everybody can sport a Dior Perfumes, and people who do, know exactly their power and strength.

There are few things that can tale about your personality without requiring you utter just one word. Perfumes are worn by most of the people for self-evident reasons. We all want to smell nice this is the reason each one of us has our very own favorite perfumes. Some ladies go for the fruity ones while you will find others who are more inclined to the flowery notes and yet a group likes the seductive and musky ones.

Perfumes found within this list are suitable to put on on all occasions. You can put on these to evenings, work, weekends and even towards the special occasions. The brand Dior indicates class and richness. Not everybody can sport a Dior, and people who do, know exactly their power and strength. The fragrances from Dior too, are extremely strong, classy and command respect towards the wearer. Some of the most sought after Dior Perfumes for women are listed below:

Dior J’Adore

This is one of those Dior perfumes that we absolutely love! It has a combination floral and white rose smell. It is so light that it’s ideal for work and it totally won’t overpower any other scent! Only one spritz will leave you smelling incredible all day!

Miss Dior Cherie

It is obvious that a perfume defines the personality and this one from Dior is something that you could totally rely on. The musk and mandarin with strawberries is really a perfect bliss. This is an ideal date perfume for every woman.

Dior Addict Eau Sensuelle

This perfume is one kind of one of the latest ones from Christian Dior and it is known for its floral edge. It had been launched in the year 2012 with notes of musk, jasmine, cedar and rose. It’s truly a woman’s best confidante and one that you’d surely get addicted to!

Cruise Collection – Escale A Portofino

This fragrance is really a complete citrus delight. It was launched in 2008 and it is the perfect summer perfume. It has the aromas of lemon, petitgrain, bergamot, orange blossom, almonds, juniper berries having a dash of cypress, cedar, caraway, musk and galbanum.

Pure Poison From Dior

In the realm of fragrances, Pure Poison is widely known as the “Night Perfume”. Its irresistible fragrance easily lets people get attracted for the person wearing it. So always remember to carry this tempting fragrance at your evening parties. Apart from Pure poison, Dior provides an exclusive range of perfumes with unique odor.

Dior Dolce Vita

It’s one of the most expensive perfumes in the Dior collection and something that is perfect for those who believe only within the best. Along with a beautiful bottle, the perfume fragrance is incredible too! What more? It can be worn at anytime of the day as well as for any occasion.

Christian Dior Dune

As one of the classy perfumes, that one from Dior is quite some decades old but surely a popular till date. The freshness of the perfume may be the first thing that will catch your attention. Amber and wallflower with water notes will certainly make you feel beautiful!

Dior Addict

It’s one of the limited editions from Dior and something that should be owned without any doubts. The initial combination of oriental vanilla with rose, African orange flower and petitgrain is really a perfect choice to make.

Dior Perfumes

Dior Perfumes For Women

Dior Addict 2 Eau Fraiche

This perfume is one of the Addict 2 range of frangrances. It is a very fresh and summer fragrance for that wild spirited woman. The perfume symbolizes freedom, liveliness and merely plain fun. The composition of the unique fragrance includes pink grapefruit, lemon juices, rose petals, raspberry and red fruit.

Midnight Poison From Dior

Are you currently someone who is looking forward to a perfect date night? If yes, then this is the ideal perfume option to make! The incredibility of the fragrance can’t be measured. The wood in conjunction with citrus makes it a rare blend plus a twist of patchouli. This spicy perfume is essential buy!

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